Appeal for new Heating System bags nearly £8,000 in first weekend

Amid a timely snap of cold weather, last weekend we launched a public appeal for donations to help our parish to purchase a new underfloor heating system for the church.

This is because the current system, using gas burners all too close to our wooden roof beams, is now obsolete and cannot be safely turned on any more, leaving the church currently unheated. With works due to begin in early November, we are fundraising to ensure we can cover the costs (c. £220k)

The appeal was made after all Sunday Masses by Fr Dominic White, the Prior, and Fr Joseph Bailham, the Parish Priest, together with Mr Richard Brown, Development Director for the Dominican Friars.

Before this public appeal, personal fundraising approaches in the last two months had yielded the following (including Gift Aid)

This generosity meant that the appeal was now in the final stretch, with around £20k to raise.

A Powerful Response

The Mass-goers responded very positively to the appeal: nearly £8,000 was raised at the weekend, via the card machines in church, by cash and cheque, by bank transfer, and via the website. This leaves around £12,000 still to raise.

Could you help us to reach our target?

> More information + how to donate

Appeal for new Heating System bags nearly £8,000 in first weekend

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