Birthday of St John the Baptist: Dominican Rite High Mass

IMG_307824 June 2017, at 11:30am 

Next Saturday, celebrate the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist with High Mass in the Dominican Rite, a tradition of the Order that dates to Blessed Humbert of Romans in 1256 and used exclusively and universally in the Order until 1969; this is the form of Mass known and loved by our Saints and celebrated in our parish when it was founded 150 years ago.

A High Mass is the most solemn and beautiful form of the Dominican rite, with five sacred ministers assisting around the Altar, and with the texts of the Mass sung in Dominican chant. Mass will be celebrated at the sublime Gothic High Altar of our church.

Although the Dominican rite is similar to the more familiar Tridentine Roman Rite, the liturgical scholar Archdale A. King observes that the ancient Dominican rite, being essentially an earlier version of the Liturgy used in Rome at the time of Saint Dominic, “is more Roman in character than the actual Roman [Tridentine] liturgy”. Come and see what he means by this somewhat audacious statement! All are welcome, so do please bring friends and families to this celebration.

Birthday of St John the Baptist: Dominican Rite High Mass

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