Community Lunch Club – all welcome!

New Community Lunch Club

at St Dominic’s Parish Hall, Haverstock Hill

The Dominican friars at St Dominic’s Priory and the Rosary Shrine welcomes a new partnership with the HNCP to create a range of initiatives that will serve all of the local community, whether you’re Catholic or not!

We begin this March in the season of Lent with a Community Lunch Club.

We share the values of providing the best quality ingredients and prices that people can afford: £1.50 for 3 courses!

We welcome all, so come and join us, working as one community.

Starting Date: Thursday, 2nd March (10.30am to 2pm), then every Thursday unless otherwise announced.

Venue: St Dominic’s Parish Hall, Southampton Road, London NW5 4LB.

Please go to the Parish Hall next to Wordsworth Place, and not to the Priory.


In association with (Charity Number: 290712)

Could you help our next initiative?

We are also working to set up a new Under-5s Club at St Dominic’s – could you support this with a donation?

Community Lunch Club – all welcome!

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