A New Heating System for the Church

‘Future Decades’ Fundraising Priority #1:
A Warm Welcome for All

We urgently need to replace the church’s heating system

Fire Risk

The current system is ineffective and it is deteriorating. It relies on gas burners mounted all too close to our precious wooden roof beams: with the tragic fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral very much in mind, we dare not take any risks.

Parts for the current obsolete system are in short supply, so we have no alternative but to install a new heating system this year.

How to Heat our church?

A detailed professional analysis and thermal model of our church has helped us develop a bespoke system for heating this vast space.

The plan combines underfloor heating in the nave area with additional state-of-the-art heating technologies.

Benefits of the New System

The system will be efficient, quiet and effective. Our church will finally be warm and welcoming all year round.

We will make significant savings on our annual heating bill and the new system is a more environmentally friendly solution.

The unsightly and expensive gas burners will be removed, and with them the potential danger of fire reduced.

Old and New

By bringing the old radiators in the side-chapels and ­sanctuary back into use, and installing underfloor heating, our plan achieves modern warmth while safeguarding the historic beauty of our church.

This will also be an opportunity to replace the floor tiles and iron grilles which are damaged in many places.

Minimal Disruption

The new heating system can be introduced in sections to minimise disruption and allow public worship to continue.

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