Festal Masses in August

The summer months are full of saint’s days, including the universal feast of St Dominic, although in our parish we mark his feast day with special solemnity on 24 May. This August we have three special Masses scheduled in the Rosary Shrine, to which all are very welcome:

5th-century mosaic from Ravenna of St Lawrence, who was martyred on a gridiron.
Stained glass detail depicting the death of St Dominic (6 August 1221), from the stained glass window above his Altar in our church.
Festal Masses in August

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The ‘Future Decades’ Fundraising Campaign Fundraising to Secure the Future of Our Church and the Rosary Shrine Since 2019, the Future Decades campaign has been raising money to respond to our most urgent priorities: Ensuring a Warm Welcome: A New

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