Jubilee Pilgrimage to Italy

From 1st to 7th July, the Dominican parishes in London and Leicester joined together for a pilgrimage to Italy.

In this 800th Jubilee Year of the Dominican Order, we visited the shrine of St Dominic in Bologna and the shrine of St Catherine in Siena.

Staying in the city of Florence we also able to visit the famous Dominican priories of Santa Maria Novella and San Marco.  San Marco is famous for its frescoes by Blessed Fra Angelico and was the home of the fifteenth-century Dominican friar Girolamo Savonarola.

We were blessed with hot and sunny weather, and were able to enjoy wonderful ice cream and traditional Italian fare.

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Jubilee Pilgrimage to Italy

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Our vision for the Shrine is for it to become an important centre for promoting the Christian faith through the Holy Rosary. We want to welcome many pilgrims from far and wide and ensure they have a valuable experience that deepens their faith and understanding.

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