Lady Chapel restoration complete

The feast of St John Fisher and St Thomas More (22 June) marked the completion of the restorations on the Lady Chapel that began in Easter week. We are grateful to almighty God that this work in honour of Our Lady is now complete, and we thank our benefactors for their kindness and generosity, and we thank our parishioners and visitors for their patience in these past months.

Of note are the marble Benefactors’ panels which are now cleaned and are ready to receive the names of the Benefactors of the Rosary Shrine. For more information, please visit

Below are some photos from the restoration project.

The Lady Chapel before restoration (above), and after restoration (below).

The Benefactors’ panels, which remind us to pray for the various people who paid for the church, its chapels and various altar furnishing, have now been cleaned. The photo here shows it in the process of being cleaned.

The wall of the Lady Chapel were stripped of a dark grey paint that made the chapel dark and gloomy.


The ceiling was restored and repainted in a colour that is harmonious with the rest of the church.

Lady Chapel restoration complete

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