Liturgical Music Workshop

On Saturday 28 October, our Rosary Processions culminate with a candlelit Rosary Vigil from 7pm – 9:30pm. There will be Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, accompanied by beautiful reflective music from the Dominican Liturgical Centre (DLC) in Krakow, Poland; the DLC provided music at the Mercy Center during World Youth Day in Krakow.

Young people will give reflections on the Rosary during the Vigil, and Confessions will also be heard at this time. Then, there will Eucharistic Procession through the church with the praying of the Rosary, ending with a great hymn in praise of Our Lady. The music for the Vigil will be led by a Dominican friar from Krakow, and by the Polish composer Pawel Bebenek. The video below gives us a taste of his music and the DLC ‘style’ which met with great acclaim from young people and bishops at World Youth Day 2016:

During the day on 28 October, before the Rosary Vigil, Pawel Bebenek will also give a lecture on the Sacred Liturgy and Music, followed by a Music Workshop. We invite all parish musicians, worship leaders, teachers, and chaplains, as well as young musicians to please book and come to this event, which promises to “promote the beauty of the Liturgy and enhance the quality of liturgical music” for young people. The DLC believe that the point of liturgical music is “not to create something ‘new’ or ‘exciting’, but rather to tap into the sound of the eternally prayerful: the simplicity of the human voice, singing in four parts, influenced by the tradition of both Christian West and East. The addition of orchestral instruments serves to bring a variety of colours to the enterprise, but is meant only to reinforce the impact of the text and deepen the prayers of the worshipper.”

Bookings for the workshop can be made with Eventbrite, or contact <>


Liturgical Music Workshop

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