Lady Chapel Restoration Complete!

Lady Chapel Restoration Complete!

On the feast of the co-patroness of the Dominican Order, St Mary Magdalene, we are delighted to announce the completion of the restoration works at the Rosary Altar in the Lady Chapel. Work on phase 1 was completed in 2002, as the altar was restored, re-gilded, and the painted angels were remade after they had been whitewashed. Now, phase 2 (the ‘Lost Angels’ project) is complete as the missing statues of angels and the two votive lamps were remade and put back in place. The two votive lamps burn here perpetually: one for the intentions of the ‘Friends of the Rosary Shrine‘, and one for the intentions of the Benefactors of the Rosary Shrine.

Angel with votive lamp: they burn as a sign of our prayers for the Friends and Benefactors of the Rosary Shrine, London.
Daily Mass at the Rosary Altar.

Holy Mass is now celebrated every weekday at the Rosary Altar: Mondays and Fridays at 10am, and Tue, Wed, Thu, at 7:30am. Entry is only through the newly-restored Lady Chapel porch accessed via Alan Cheales Way.

Historic photo, c.1900 of how the angels appeared
Before restoration
After restoration (July 2022)

More photos and information about the restoration of the Lady Chapel and the Rosary Shrine can be seen here.

Apse & High Altar Restoration

Apse & High Altar Restoration

At the beginning of 2020, a fall of crumbling stonework from the apse (the windows around the High Altar) drew more urgent attention to the serious deterioration of the stonework in this vital part of the church.

To inspect more closely the damage that has developed over the years, and to remedy and safeguard the apse and the precious stained glass windows, a complex scaffolding must be erected with care over the elaborate marble reredos and canopied tabernacle which is the central feature of the sanctuary; then repair work will be undertaken on the damaged stone jambs, mullions and columns, with treatment and/or replacement of the iron saddle bars to prevent further corrosion and damage, and at least some minor repairs and cleaning of the stained glass windows (unless more extensive damage is revealed by closer inspection). The erection of the scaffolding will also allow for a cleaning of usually inaccessible parts of the apse, reredos, and stained glass windows.

Thanks to benefactions already given to the Rosary Shrine’s repair fund, we are able to begin this important work. We are currently actively seeking grants from charities, public bodies, and trusts to completely finance the significant cost of repairing, restoring, and cleaning the entire apse and High Altar.

The process will begin on 3 November, the feast of St Martin de Porres, and we entrust this project to his intercession. The whole area around the High Altar will be screened off for about 6 months; the Blessed Sacrament will be moved for the duration of these works to the tabernacle in the Lady Chapel; and the Mass in both Ordinary and Extraordinary Form (Dominican rite) will be said at the free-standing Main Altar in the sanctuary.

Please pray for a safe and uneventful restoration work, and we pray that we will be able to finance the whole project, by the providence of God. To this end, as always, donations towards our essential repairs and restoration works are welcomed. Please approach the Prior Fr Lawrence, or the Bursary Fr Toby if you’d like to help, or for more information about this project. Thank you.

Lady Chapel restoration complete

Lady Chapel restoration complete

The feast of St John Fisher and St Thomas More (22 June) marked the completion of the restorations on the Lady Chapel that began in Easter week. We are grateful to almighty God that this work in honour of Our Lady is now complete, and we thank our benefactors for their kindness and generosity, and we thank our parishioners and visitors for their patience in these past months.

Of note are the marble Benefactors’ panels which are now cleaned and are ready to receive the names of the Benefactors of the Rosary Shrine. For more information, please visit

Below are some photos from the restoration project.

The Lady Chapel before restoration (above), and after restoration (below).

The Benefactors’ panels, which remind us to pray for the various people who paid for the church, its chapels and various altar furnishing, have now been cleaned. The photo here shows it in the process of being cleaned.

The wall of the Lady Chapel were stripped of a dark grey paint that made the chapel dark and gloomy.


The ceiling was restored and repainted in a colour that is harmonious with the rest of the church.

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