Virtual Reality visit to our Shrine

If you’re missing your church, London’s Rosary Shrine, or would like to ‘come in’ and pray, why not try out this wonderful virtual reality visit to the church? Thanks to VR technology, it’s now possible to make a virtual visit to the Rosary Shrine in London, and to ‘stand’ in front of its altars, or ‘walk’ from one Rosary chapel to another, as you pray from your homes.

To have a virtual tour created for your church or cultural heritage site, contact Amy Giuliano at, or see Commissions are based on the following metrics: $0.12/square foot and $1600 (base) for editing. Sites can be embedded with catechetical interactive video, audio, text, and images. Amy studied theology and art history in Rome at the Angelicum and trained in virtual reality tech at Yale. VADIS VR’s mission is 1) Pedagogy: Make the Church’s artistic patrimony accessible to all online, and 2) Preservation: digitally preserve a 3D model of your building – with all laser-scanned measurements needed for future restorations – offline!

Virtual Reality visit to our Shrine

Sponsor a Lamp

Lighting a Votive Lamp for Your Prayer Intentions Use the secure form below to sponsor one or more lamps in our church. A week-long lamp will burn for your intentions before the Altar of Our Lady of the Rosary, or

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